💁🏻‍♀️ How to spend your STUDY BREAK 👍

Your study time should be well-planned. 


That means, you should put some thoughts in how you organize your breaks when learning at home as well.


👉 When taking breaks, AVOID SCREEN TIME. The time you spend on your phone or computer during your break literally erases what you just learned from your memory. 😲


✅ Instead, LOOK OUTSIDE THE WINDOW, follow the clouds, look at the trees or whatever you might see. This relaxes your eyes and benefits your memory. 


✅ In addition, do some STRETCHING, drink some WATER or have a healthy SNACK. Don’t fill up though since that might make you tired.


✅ Develop some kind of BREAK ROUTINE. 

Use the POMODORO method or try the so-called “GOLDEN HOUR”. 


It has been proven that the most productive workers engage in job-related activities for 52 consecutive minutes, which is followed by a 17-minute-break. This is long enough for your brain to relax but not too long to get distracted again.


Taking short breaks is important but don’t take breaks when you’re in the flow. 

In that case, keep working and use the moment because it might not come back.


Whatever you choose, stick to your RHYTHM so you can train your body and mind to know when they can relax and when it’s time to work.


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