DIY coaching kit for moms of teens

DIY Coaching Kit

for Moms of Teens

Learn the 101 of life coaching to

improve your relationship with your teen

I will show you…

How you can start dealing with hostility and that teenage attitude.

How you can guide your son or daughter while conveying that you think they’re a great kid.

How you can avoid being ruled by your own emotions when talking to your child to not come across as judgmental.

How to help your child deal with suppressed emotions to prevent anger outbursts, self-harm, emotional meltdowns, anxiety, depression and panic attacks (without therapy or medication).

You are not going to become your teen’s therapist but you’ll learn how to apply powerful patterns of life coaches to help your child open up to you and regain their mental health. 

Alexandra Allover

Learn Allover coaching

Alexandra worked as a high school teacher for eight years before she started her coaching business full time in 2020. She has a life coach certification for teenagers and adults and holds a Master’s degree in Psychology.