Teens‘ Mental Health: Free Video with Effective Coaching Strategies

Explore our free video for essential mental health coaching strategies.

Learn to guide your teen through challenges, promoting mental well-being. If you've noticed your teen in a bad mood or sensed strain in your relationship, my resources offer valuable insights for positive connections.

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Teens' mental health challenges can be subtle and often go unnoticed until it's too late.

Recognize signs like mood swings and withdrawal. Foster open communication through active listening and non-judgmental conversations to detect and address issues early.

Why is my teen struggling with mental health?

If your teen feels low self-esteem and suffers from anxiety when it comes to school and social settings, it doesn’t have to be treated by therapy and medication. In fact, getting to the root of the problem will be the healthiest solution in the long run instead of just masking the symptoms.

With acquiring better coping skills for stressful social settings, self-esteem improves and consequently so do their grades.

As a former teacher I understand how you might feel lost and angry at the school system. The truth is though, successful learning and life skills come from an intrinsic motivation and mental transformation.

With a holistic approach to life coaching your child’s mental health and academic success will improve. Consequently, it will be a life-long investment in a successful future.

DIY Coaching Kit

for Moms of Teens

Learn the 101 of life coaching to

improve your teen’s mental health and your relationship with them.

What will I learn in the free video?

I will show you…

  • How you can start dealing with hostility and a teenage attitude.


  • How you can guide your son or daughter while conveying that you think they’re a great kid.


  • How you can avoid being ruled by your own emotions when talking to your child to not come across as judgmental.


  • How to help your child deal with suppressed emotions to prevent anger outbursts, self-harm, emotional meltdowns, anxiety, depression and panic attacks (without therapy or medication).

You are not going to become your teen’s therapist. However, you’ll learn how to apply powerful patterns to help your child open up to you and regain their mental health. 

What makes a happy teen?

Struggling teens mental health

My Holistic Academic Coaching course prioritizes mental well-being alongside academic success, providing strategies for a positive mindset in studying and school. Access the course here for comprehensive support.

Alexandra Allover

Learn Allover coaching

Alexandra worked as a high school teacher for eight years before she started her coaching business full time in 2020. She has a life coach certification for teenagers and adults and holds a Master’s degree in Psychology.

Learn more about me!

I travel world-wide to find the best schools for expat families! I support families and teenagers who are trying to improve their overall learning strategies for school, goal-setting in life and positive mindset.

Alexandra Allover Life Coach for teens

International experience

As a teacher I worked in Austria, the Netherlands and the French-speaking part of Switzerland. My coachees are students and families that are predominantly from Germany and the United States; many of them living in Latin America where I have personally been located since 2020.

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Most of my work takes place online but I do enjoy visiting schools and families in person. Even though I mostly work with schools and teachers, I offer services for individual students and expat families that are looking for suitable schools or are seeking alternatives to traditional schooling. 

Overall, what all families are looking for is teaching their children valuable skills for life and having a positive mindset, especially when entering puberty.

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My interests

Interlinking a teen‘s personal well-being and academic achievement is my daily goal. I‘m interested in Psychology and advanced learning strategies that help students improve their habits and be equipped for a successful life after school. 

Some of my free resources include blogs on teens‘ psychology, mental health and schooling in Latin America. I also create videos targeted at expat families and students who are looking for information on suitable schools.

Wohin Auswandern mit Kindern? Die besten Schulen Learn Allover

My education

I have a Master‘s degree in English and Pychology with a teaching degree. 

I completed a two-year-training for the individual student counseling program launched by the Austrian government in 2016; directed at students who are in need of support regarding their time- and organization management, motivational strategies and test preparation skills. 

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My passion

Besides that I completed my life coach certification through which I started my business LEARN ALLOVER LLC in 2020. Ever since I left my regular teaching job, I’ve been traveling from country to country to find interesting schools suitable for expat families.

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What can I offer you?

Academic support

If you are interested in more academic support for your child, I can offer you access to the academic coaching course. Schools worldwide use this academic resource to train their teachers and students. Check out this offer for schools on how to apply learning strategies, motivation boosters and proven test preparation skills.

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Mental health 

Are looking for support regarding your child‘s mental health and want to improve your relationship with them? Then I want to suggest one of my free resources: the DIY Coaching Kit for Parents

With this you’ll learn more about proven coaching strategies of the parent-child dynamics and the psychology behind it. Additionally, you‘ll be able to act like a life coach for your own child without them even knowing.

Mental Health for Teens Learn Allover

What schooling fits your family?

Whether you are looking for a suitable school in Latin America or a student exchange program, I might have some suggestions for you.

If you want to talk to me about education or alternative schooling, teens’ psychology and mental health, email me: Alexandra@LearnAllover.com

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