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What type of learner are you?

3-Minute Student QUIZ

“What type of learner are you?”

Basic things first! Do you like to read your notes quietly or out loud? Do you enjoy talking to your friends and family about stuff you learned? And do you move your lips when reading or your hands while talking? Find out what it means and what learning style fits you best!

Are you ready for higher education?

30-min-training on

powerful college study strategies

Have you noticed that with a higher workload your old learning strategies from high school don’t work anymore?

Remote learning and lack of teachers’ support can make you feel anxious about transitioning into college. 

How do you get ahead of others? Try the free course!

Do you study at home?

30-page-eBook on

Study Habits

30 pages of valuable tips:


If you do, learn techniques to increase your study efficiency to STUDY LESS and REMEMBER MORE.

With studying at home comes more self-responsibility. Fortunately, there are smart ways to tackle home learning so you achieve better results for all the effort and time you put in. Learn more with the free eBook.

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Did I tell you that I offer workshops and online courses for schools?

Be amongst the fortunate students and explore an exclusive sneak peek into what academic coaching courses entail. Join now for valuable insights!

Why try academic coaching?

Academic coaching through online courses is a time-saving and affordable way to easily improve the way you study from the comfort of your own home, any time and day you want.

You want to benefit from productivity strategies that are still taught in successful businesses today to increase efficiency? 

Fill the gap between what you learn in school and what is useful in life with just a few simple but life-changing techniques!

International Academic Coaching online course

Be prepared for international schooling.

Learn effective study methods that improve your memory!

Overcome learning blocks, lack of motivation, self-doubts and test anxiety!

Gain organization and time management strategies to prepare successfully for tests and life!

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