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Hello, I'm Alexandra,

Global education consultant for students, parents, and teachers.

With 13 years of experience, I've developed streamlined online courses to elevate global academic skills, ensuring relevance in esteemed schools worldwide.

With a Master's in Psychology, a teaching and coaching degree, my expertise focuses on nurturing students for academic success, empowering teachers, and guiding parents in supporting both academic skills and teens' mental health.

What is International Academic Coaching?

Discover a unique approach that goes beyond traditional tutoring.

Our International Academic Coaching focuses both on mental health and academic success, preparing students for higher education challenges globally or locally.

With a focus on mental health, what sets us apart is the integration of a toolkit tailored for advanced studying. From refining time and organization skills for increased workloads to global test preparations, our coaching empowers students, bridging the gap between academic success and real-world skills.

If you want more information for schools, parents or students, enjoy browsing through my website, or just get yourself immediate access to your online coaching courses!


Alternatively, take a proactive step toward global academic success by gaining immediate access to our tailored coaching courses.

Discover how our comprehensive programs can empower students and enhance their international transformative journey today.

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Designed for students, parents, and teachers, our holistic Coaching provides versatile solutions.

Students achieve independence, while parents and teachers gain valuable insights.

This dynamic approach fosters a shared understanding, empowering everyone to contribute to a student's successful transition into higher education.

International Academic Coaching online course

Parents and schools can access my online course here, ensuring smooth student transitions into higher education.

If you want to learn more about it, feel free to contact me directly, or learn more about me here!


- Alexandra Allover

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