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Welcome to Learn Allover, where we prioritize your teen's global success through a holistic education. As a seasoned global education consultant with experience across the US, Europe, and Latin America, I understand the critical role of nurturing well-being as the foundation for achievements.

In their impressionable teen years, external influences can significantly impact their journey. At Learn Allover, we provide essential tools and positive guidance, ensuring your teen doesn't navigate these challenges alone. Join us, where we go beyond academics. Our students empower themselves through independent online learning, tailored to their pace, preparing resilient individuals for higher education worldwide.

For parents and teachers alike, curious to know more about the mind behind Learn Allover and how I can guide your teen's transformative journey?

About Alexandra Allover

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Originally from Austria, I hold a Master’s Degree in Psychology and a teaching qualification. With a decade of experience working with students in different countries worldwide, I noticed the universal challenges teens face.

During my coaching certification, I discovered that the same techniques for successful life management applied to both students and adults. The skills crucial during adolescence also prove invaluable in facing life’s challenges as an adult. This revelation sparked the inception of my own business, which I transitioned to full-time in 2020.


My goal is interlinking our teens’ personal well-being and academic achievement

… particularly as they prepare for higher education abroad.

Recognizing the pivotal role of emotions in learning, fostering positive feelings is essential for triumphs in both academic pursuits and life adventures. What sets my approach apart is not only a focus on mental health but also a comprehensive set of resources tailored for advanced studying. From effective time and organization management for higher workloads to advanced test preparations applicable in schools worldwide, my coaching encompasses a holistic strategy.

As a former teacher, I understand that schools alone may not cover every aspect. True support involves going beyond academics, nurturing confidence, and resilience—especially crucial for students gearing up for international higher education.

I love sharing the tools I use in my work, drawing from my Master’s program in Psychology and Academic Coaching Certification. This unique blend of expertise ensures that your student is not only emotionally prepared but also equipped with the essential skills for advanced academic success.

Academic Coaching through online courses will help students…

  • Fuel Academic Motivation
  • Conquer Anxiety & Boost Confidence
  • Enhance Organization Skills
  • Bridge Academics with Real-Life Skills


I can’t wait to hear from you soon!

Alexandra Allover