Top Test Preparation Tips for Students 15+ years

There comes a time where simply reading your notes is not gonna help you score good grades anymore. Understanding your test conditions can help you already while you study and prepare for your upcoming exam. The following are proven strategies that have helped many students improve test scores and prepare more effectively for exams.  …

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3 powerful tricks to boost your learning process

How does your mood affect your learning?   Did you know that the conditions you’re in when studying affect you in your test situation? Your goal should therefore be to create the same or similar conditions when studying as there are during the test situation.    I want to tell you about three interesting facts…

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💁🏻‍♀️ How to spend your STUDY BREAK 👍

Your study time should be well-planned.    That means, you should put some thoughts in how you organize your breaks when learning at home as well.   👉 When taking breaks, AVOID SCREEN TIME. The time you spend on your phone or computer during your break literally erases what you just learned from your memory.…

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Why do we remember something? 🧠🤔

Learn Allover Why do we remember something?

Learning is the process of acquiring knowledge or information. It happens (ideally) when we’re taught something, or teach ourselves something. Especially in school, and in life, you need to retain much of the information you’re learning so you can use it later.    This is where the memory process comes in.    So you might…

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Interleaving effect – the better way to learn

Use THIS method if you want to memorize better❗️ Watch the video on the Interleaving effect on Youtube and don’t forget to subscribe!   If you’re learning to play an instrument or taking up a new sport, you are faced with a series of skills or concepts to learn. 🎾🎸   ☝️The age-old answer is: …

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How to become a more successful student 🤓

Welcome to Learn Allover

I understand how discouraging it is to study a lot but never see any change in your grades. Have you ever thought about what the reason could be? 🤔 I remember too well from my time as a teacher how frustrating it is trying to support students in their learning, but lacking enough time and…

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