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Academic coaching is the future for everyone who wants to be efficient in school and build a promising career! Learners will benefit from techniques that are valuable in school and are still taught in successful businesses today.

- Alexandra Allover

Why try Academic Coaching?

Whoever tried tutoring before, will have probably come across Academic Coaching at some point in their school career. Academic Coaching will help you

gain organization and time management skills

increase your repertoire of learning strategies

overcome lack of motivation

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I personally got tired of hearing that students are just lazy. I know that many students stayed up studying all night and saw a tutor a couple of times a week. But if all of this isn’t helping, it’s time to look at the bigger picture. 

As a student...

you probably know that there are a million new strategies that you should try out to fight procrastination and boredom. But working on all of that takes time. Time that a busy student schedule doesn’t often allow. Don’t you just wish there was a blueprint to solve all those problems?

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If you’re a parent...

it makes you feel frustrated to see your child struggle even though they are trying so hard. A lot of learners’ efforts go unnoticed by teachers because students cannot perform the same way in class as they can at home. With hiring expensive tutors for multiple subjects and witnessing late-night study sessions you will see your child’s motivation decrease. We need to get down to the root of the problem!

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If you’re an educator...

and you see a student struggle, even though you have given them numerous ideas on what and how to improve, it might be time to change the basic way of how they approach studying. Let’s help them find their strengths and achieve success.

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What if i told you there’s a solution to this problem?

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The Learn Allover Approach

My ground rule is: 

Make it easily accessible for students to learn how to

feel positive changes in their mindset

profit from higher motivation, better organization skills 

know how to overcome new challenges in school and in life

With Academic Coaching through online courses this is made possible!

All of this will come easy!

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Learn these strategies once and apply them for a lifetime.

Instead of hiring expensive tutors and spending time for weekly sessions, Learn Allover offers you affordable Online Courses.

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Why I created Learn Allover

I want to look at every student from a holistic point of view. The well-being of a person needs to be the foundation in order for them to perform well.

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The person as a whole is important. 

However, not everyone can afford expensive tutoring sessions,

so my idea was to create online courses in order for everyone to have the chance to improve their study skills and coping strategies.

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Academic coaching is more and more essential because even the youngest of us have to deal with major challenges in school.

Learn Allover deals with strategies on how to study better while taking the mindset of the person into account. We need to look at a student on a deeper level in order to support them to become confident and know how to deal with difficult situations.

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We need to fill up their toolbox of skills and strategies in order to equip them to deal with future challenges by themselves

Lear Allover will prepare you successfully for life and fill the gap between what you learn in school and what you will need for life.

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Academic Coaching is the future of tutoring!

Some of you might have traditionally learned that learning styles such as a visual, auditory or kinesthetic type determine the way you study.

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However, these theories are outdated 

and need to be replaced by a holistic approach of tackling actual struggles that students are facing on an everyday basis. 

Knowing that you are a visual learner might give you some insight on why you can’t listen well in class. But it won’t solve the problem. Just think about it, as a visual learner you know that you should use flash cards, highlight with different colors, etc. But the downside is that you are restricting yourself. School is not just visual or kinesthetic but life presents itself in all kinds of ways. You should fill up your toolbox with practical strategies of how to study, not restrict them because you know you’re not capable of being a good listener in class. For more information on why teaching according to learning styles is not suitable, here’s a quick read by the Association for Psychological Science:

Learning styles debunked. (2009, December 16). Medicalxpress. Retrieved from https://medicalxpress.com/news/2009-12-styles-debunked.html

What’s necessary is the practical implementation of strategies and filling up your toolbox. Not only the focus on studying is important, but taking the whole person into account. 

Make yourself your biggest asset 😊

Learn Allover

Why Learn Allover is more practical than individual tutoring sessions

Tutoring vs. Learn Allover

If tutoring is what you need, because let’s say you only struggle in a specific subject but you generally know how to study well, a couple of tutoring sessions before a test might do the trick for you.

Just don’t waste your study time because you didn’t learn these opportunities!

Take the free Learner Quiz with instant results showing you which area of learning you need to work on most. Improve your grades and become more successful in and after school with lifelong learning skills from Learn Allover!