Study in different places for better long-term memory

How to improve your memory while studying? Whereas having the same workspace (e.g. your desk) is beneficial when you want to get into your study mode (for doing homework, writing your to-do list for the next day and so on), you might want to consider changing the context of your study situation when preparing for…

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💁🏻‍♀️ How to spend your STUDY BREAK 👍

Your study time and study break should be well-planned.    That means, you should put some thoughts in how you organize your breaks when learning at home as well.   What to do during your study break  👉 When taking breaks, AVOID SCREEN TIME. The time you spend on your phone or computer during your…

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How to improve my memory when studying

Learn Allover Why do we remember something?

How do I make lasting memory and transfer it from our short-term store to our long-term store? These tips will help you remember better. Learning is the process of acquiring knowledge or information. It happens (ideally) when we’re taught something, or teach ourselves something. Especially in school, and in life, you need to retain much…

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