How to improve my memory when studying

How do I make lasting memory and transfer it from our short-term store to our long-term store? These tips will help you remember better.

Learning is the process of acquiring knowledge or information.

It happens (ideally) when we’re taught something, or teach ourselves something. Especially in school, and in life, you need to retain much of the information you’re learning so you can use it later. 


This is where the memory process comes in. 


So you might think, how do I improve this process? 🤔

How do I make memory and transfer it from our short-term store to our long-term store? 🤔


Making a memory is a multi-step process that we engage in daily, whether or not we recognize it at the time. It takes


What helps your memory?

  • INTEREST:  being interested in what you’re learning, 
  • seeing VALUE in the material, committing ATTENTION to the information, making connections between it and what you may already know & 
  • REPETITION, so practicing what it is you’ve learned. 


This may sound like a lot, but you’re doing it all the time!

Think about it — what are the things in your life that you’ve learned how to do, that you can do without thinking? 💁🏻‍♀️

Maybe it’s playing an instrument, or the rules of a sport or game, riding a bike,…


In each example consider your interest, what you valued about learning said example, the attention you paid, how you made connections between it and something else you knew, and the amount of practice you engaged in. Then, add to that the repetition you engaged in, which will happen naturally as you practice more and more. 


All of this combined is what helps you to learn and make memory that lasts.


Hope that helped! 😊 These and other academic study tricks you will find in my easy-to-access online courses for schools and students!  


If you are a parent or student looking for more tips, keep reading below!

Alexandra Allover


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