4 Must-Know Tips for High School Parents: Guiding Your Teen’s Success

Parents, ever wonder how to help your teen with academic challenges? You might think school teaches study skills for higher academic journeys. As a former high school teacher, I assure you schools can’t fully prepare for what’s beyond the finish line. Engage in class and study actively; very few master this challenge without extra help.…

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Recognizing time thieves ⏱⏳

Besides the classic time thieves known amongst students, such as…   interruptions internet your own thoughts chaos, disorder lack of motivation noise having no clear goal in mind   … there are a number of “hidden” time thieves that I want you to be aware of!   Do you ever notice any of the following…

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Welcome Learners!

Learn Allover

Hi learners! I‘m so glad you‘re here!😊   You’re about to find out what YOU need most to become a more successful learner!   Did I tell you that after teaching in three different countries I saw that the same problems for students reappear year after year?    This is why I started collecting ideas…

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