Why Academic Coaching is not the same as Tutoring

Multiple times over the last three years parents have approached me with the same question. Can I offer tutoring for their kids? The answer is usually a hard pass. But why don‘t I give them tutoring lessons?   In order to understand this better, one needs to acknowledge that tutoring is not the solution to…

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Morning vs. Night person

You might wonder… …why you sometimes get more or less work done at a certain time of the day 🤔   That depends on:    ✅ your stress level ✅ the topic you‘re working on ✅ the time of the day ✅ your biological clock   The truth is…  you‘re not going to be productive…

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💁🏻‍♀️ How to spend your STUDY BREAK 👍

Your study time should be well-planned.    That means, you should put some thoughts in how you organize your breaks when learning at home as well.   👉 When taking breaks, AVOID SCREEN TIME. The time you spend on your phone or computer during your break literally erases what you just learned from your memory.…

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Recognizing time thieves ⏱⏳

Besides the classic time thieves known amongst students, such as…   🔺 interruptions 🔺 internet 🔺 your own thoughts 🔺 chaos, disorder 🔺 lack of motivation 🔺 noise 🔺 having no clear goal in mind   … there are a number of “hidden” time thieves that I want you to be aware of!   Do…

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Recognizing stress triggers 🙇

Learn Allover Stress triggers

Did you know that stress can show in many different ways⁉️ Observe yourself❗️ Many students report the following reasons for their stress: 1️⃣ deadlines 2️⃣ wanting to do too many things at once 3️⃣ not being able to say “NO” to friends Just because you WANT to do more, doesn’t mean you’re gaining more quality…

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How to declutter bad habits🧹

Learn Allover Declutter bad habits

Are you sometimes seeing slow process in your studying ⁉️   We all have bad habits that keep us from being more productive. Let’s look at them more closely.🤓   Try and think of your habits, school- or work-related, as well as personal. I‘m sure you can sort your habits into good 👍 and bad…

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How to become a more successful student 🤓

Welcome to Learn Allover

I understand how discouraging it is to study a lot but never see any change in your grades. Have you ever thought about what the reason could be? 🤔 I remember too well from my time as a teacher how frustrating it is trying to support students in their learning, but lacking enough time and…

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The 80-20 rule (aka Pareto’s principle) ✅

Do you study 80% of the time and feel like you get 20% results⁉️   Then PARETO‘s principle (aka 80/20 rule) will be useful to you!😊   Know that… 80% of your effort will give you 20% of results 20% of your effort will give you 80% of results   ➡️ This applies to school…

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Still room for improvement? 🤔

Are you feeling satisfied with the amount and quality of work you get done⁉️   If you think there is still some room for improvement, you’ll get some useful tips here on how to make yourself more productive! 🤓   Check out my course on “Time & Organization Management” on  LearnAllover.com  to learn more on…

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