Recognizing time thieves ⏱⏳

Besides the classic time thieves known amongst students, such as…


  • interruptions
  • internet
  • your own thoughts
  • chaos, disorder
  • lack of motivation
  • noise
  • having no clear goal in mind


… there are a number of “hidden” time thieves that I want you to be aware of!


Do you ever notice any of the following time thieves?


If so, become aware when and how often they happen. Make conscious changes to your habits and see your productivity rise ⏳👍


➡️ Hidden (underlying) time thieves:


🔶 I’m not able to say NO!

If someone asks you to help them do something, go out for a Frappuccino or stream a tv show together, you need to know when to say no (if you know you need to work on something important!). 


✅ TIP: 

You can always reward yourself after but don’t leave your work behind just so you can go meet a friend. People are usually not angry at you 😉




🔶 I’m perfectionist!

If you are truly a perfectionist, you must understand that your 80% is sufficient for others! 


✅ TIP: 

Ask yourself this: Is the outcome going to be better just because you put in those extra 20% work? If so, try to do it. You be the judge. 🤷🏻‍♀️




🔶 I tend to procrastinate… but why?

You need to ask yourself: WHY? 🤔 Often the answer will show you the problem! Maybe you planned on doing more work than realistically possible? 


✅ TIP:

Create sizeable chunks and get motivated by accomplishing small goals instead of working hard to reach one goal? (To-do lists, to-do apps etc.)


🤓 PRO TIP: Take inventory! 

➡️ Have 1 day a week on which you take care of everything you postponed. 

And put it in writing!


Ask yourself:

What are the things that I put off? 🤔

(Make a list) 


What helps is writing down subtasks and estimating the amount of time it will take to complete them. The more detailed, the easier it will get. 


➡️ Write down what to do, also what not to do and check those tasks off the list. 




Instead of: “I need to prepare a presentation for Biology by tonight.”


👍 it’s better to create subtasks: 


  • research my topic on google 
  • write down at least 1 page of useful notes
  • prepare a slideshow on my computer
  • practice in front of my mirror
  • time myself


Do this with all tasks you like to procrastinate with and you will see they will feel a lot less overwhelming. 


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Hope that helped! 😊 These and other academic study tricks you will find in my easy-to-access online courses for schools and students!  


If you are a parent or student looking for more tips, keep reading below!

Alexandra Allover

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