Recognizing stress triggers 🙇

Did you know that stress can show in many different ways?

Observe yourself…

Many students report the following reasons for their stress:

1️⃣ deadlines

2️⃣ wanting to do too many things at once

3️⃣ not being able to say “NO” to friends

Just because you WANT to do more, doesn’t mean you’re gaining more quality 👎

Getting overwhelmed by the number of things you commit yourself to leads to not following through on important tasks.


You might be surprised by these signs of stress 😳⬇️

BODY: headache, muscle twitches,…

MIND: trouble concentrating, forgetfulness,…

BEHAVIOR: trouble sleeping, lack of motivation, restlessness,…

FEELINGS: feeling overwhelmed, feeling discontent/ depressed/ angry,…

The first step to improving your stress-level is becoming aware of it.

Do you notice any of these factors above?
If you do, think about it.

  • When does it usually happen? Is it connected to a certain TIME of the day?
  • What happened before? What happened after?
  • Are you in a special PLACE when you feel discomfort?
  • Is it when you are around a specific PERSON?


❗️How to reduce your overall stress-level❓

🟡 Reflect on your day
🟡 Set goals for your day. (The smaller and more realistic goals are the more motivating they are!)


Hope that helped! 😊 These and other academic study tricks you will find in my easy-to-access online courses for schools and students!  


If you are a parent or student looking for more tips, keep reading below!

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