My high school years

If you had known me in high school…


… you would know: I was a Genius! 🤓


What do my high school friends say?

If you ask my friends from school about the way I studied for tests, they will all tell you that I was a genius❗️




I did not understand most things I had to study and learning by heart was the only way I managed. 🤷🏻‍♀️


What were other high school problems?

My friends might have had other problems like being overly nervous before tests, blacking out and not remembering a thing, 


or having a huge mess in their backpack or room which inhibited them from studying. 


➡️ The list of things that keep you from studying successfully goes on and on.


I wish someone had told me as a student how to do this in high school !


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Alexandra Allover


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