How to declutter bad habits🧹

Are you sometimes seeing slow process in your studying? Maybe you should start thinking about declutterring your bad habits when studying.



What are bad habits?

We all have bad habits that keep us from being more productive. Let’s look at them more closely.🤓


Try and think of your habits, school- or work-related, as well as personal. I‘m sure you can sort your habits into good 👍 and bad 👎 ones. 


For example: 

I usually walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Good habit. 🤗✅



I also like to ignore emails when I don’t feel like answering them immediately. Sometimes that easily adds up to up to 100 emails until I realize that I might have a problem and I should do something about it. Bad habit. 😝❌


What are the steps to kick bad habits like these? 🤔


✅ Step 1: 

Think of 2 – 3 habits that are a burden to your everyday life. Something that bothers you and that is slowing you down or making you less efficient. 

Write them down.


✅ Step 2: 

Write down 3 reasons why you want to break each bad habit. 

Why are they bad for you?


✅ Step 3: 

What are you going to do to kick those bad habits?


You’re more likely to actually succeed if you write these steps down 🤓 

Regularly take some time to think about your habits and how you can optimize your daily processes. 


You will become more efficient and will waste less time of your day! 👍


Wonder what it is that you need to work on most to be a more successful student⁉️


Hope that helped! 😊 These and other academic study tricks you will find in my easy-to-access online courses for schools and students!  


If you are a parent or student looking for more tips, keep reading below!

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