How to declutter bad habits🧹

Are you sometimes seeing slow process in your studying ⁉️


We all have bad habits that keep us from being more productive. Let’s look at them more closely.🤓


Try and think of your habits, school- or work-related, as well as personal. I‘m sure you can sort your habits into good 👍 and bad 👎 ones. 


For example: 

I usually walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Good habit. 🤗✅



I also like to ignore emails when I don’t feel like answering them immediately. Sometimes that easily adds up to up to 100 emails until I realize that I might have a problem and I should do something about it. Bad habit. 😝❌


What are the steps to kick bad habits like these? 🤔


✅ Step 1: 

Think of 2 – 3 habits that are a burden to your everyday life. Something that bothers you and that is slowing you down or making you less efficient. 

Write them down.


✅ Step 2: 

Write down 3 reasons why you want to break each bad habit. 

Why are they bad for you?


✅ Step 3: 

What are you going to do to kick those bad habits?


You’re more likely to actually succeed if you write these steps down 🤓 

Regularly take some time to think about your habits and how you can optimize your daily processes. 


You will become more efficient and will waste less time of your day! 👍


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