Why Academic Coaching is not the same as Tutoring

Multiple times over the last three years parents have approached me with the same question. Can I offer tutoring for their kids? The answer is usually a hard pass. But why don‘t I give them tutoring lessons?


In order to understand this better, one needs to acknowledge that tutoring is not the solution to most students‘ problems. Just because a student gets help in a certain subject they’re struggling in, it doesn’t automatically mean the problem is solved. They won‘t automatically study better in the future because tutoring only helps them short-term. 

Do tutoring lessons help?


If tutoring is what you need, because let’s say you only struggle in a specific subject but you generally know how to study well, a couple of tutoring sessions before a test might do the trick for you.

What is way more superior is changing your study habits as a whole. Whoever has tried tutoring before, will have probably come across Academic Coaching at some point in his or her school career. 


Academic Coaching will help you

  • gain organization and time management skills
  • increase your repertoire of learning strategies
  • overcoming the lack of motivation


I personally got tired of hearing that students are just lazy. I know that many students stay up studying all night and see a tutor a couple of times a week. But if all of this isn’t helping, it’s time to look at the bigger picture. 

Why try academic coaching?


Academic coaching will change the way a student approaches new subject matter or a new challenge in general. Learners who do academic coaching profit from a mix of a new repertoire of academic skills and personal development. 


Academic coaching makes it easily possible for students to 

  • feel positive changes in their mindset
  • profit from higher motivation, better organization skills and 
  • know how to overcome new challenges in school and in life


The best thing is, you learn these strategies once and apply them for a lifetime!


Who is academic coaching for?


Academic coaching is for learners of all ages. In my opinion it takes a certain self-reflectiveness and some critical thinking. Therefore, I only suggest it for students aged 15 and up. However, I‘ve made good experiences with a couple of thirteen-year-old students, so I can say that it depends on the person. On the other hand, regarding a learner‘s age there is an open end. Even professionals can profit from academic coaching because it also trains their time-and organization skills as well as goal-setting. 

As a student…

you probably know that there are a million new strategies that you should try out to fight procrastination and boredom. But, working on all of that takes timeTime that a busy student schedule doesn’t often allow. Students can profit tremendously by being offered a blueprint to solve all those problems.


If you’re a parent…

it makes you feel frustrated to see your child struggle even though they are trying so hard. A lot of learners’ efforts go unnoticed by teachers because students cannot perform the same way in class as they can at home. With hiring expensive tutors for multiple subjects and witnessing late-night study sessions you will see your child’s motivation decrease. It‘s essential to get down to the root of the problem!


If you’re an educator…

and you see a student struggle even though you have given them numerous ideas on what and how to improve, it might be time to change the basic way of how they approach studying. I‘ve been there and I want to assist you help them find their strengths and achieve success.


So let‘s not have our children waste more time and money on tutoring!

Academic Coaching is the future of tutoring!


Whereas tutoring helps a student get better in a certain subject, academic coaching will help them study better for life. 


It‘s not just differential equations or Spanish vocabulary that is important but the practical implementation of learning strategies. In other words, not only the focus on studying is important, but taking the whole person into account. 

Tutoring vs. Academic Coaching 



Academic Coaching


You need to pay for multiple tutoring sessions in order to see positive results. Online Courses are affordable and a one time purchase.
Tutoring takes place at a fixed time and place.  You are flexible. Use Online Courses anytime you want, and access them from anywhere you like. You just need a smartphone or computer. 


The tutor sets the rule of how much studying there should be covered in one week. Online Courses allow you to study at your own pace and go through simple, straightforward, bite-size pieces.


Tutoring helps you master specific content and explains a subject in detail. The goal is the test. Learn Allover helps you find out why you are struggling when learning new subject matter. The goal is to teach you new skills that you can apply to future challenges. It boosts your performance in all subjectsYou grow as a person as a whole 😊


Why I created Learn Allover


I want to look at every student from a holistic point of view. The well-being of a person needs to be the foundation in order for them to perform well. Thus, the person as a whole is important. 


However, not everyone can afford expensive tutoring sessions, so my idea was to create online courses in order for everyone to have the chance to improve his or her study skills and coping strategies.


Academic coaching is more and more essential because even the youngest of us have to deal with major challenges in school. Learn Allover deals with strategies on how to study better while taking the mindset of the person into account. We need to look at a student on a deeper level in order to support them to become confident and know how to deal with difficult situations. We need to fill up their toolbox of skills and strategies in order to equip them to deal with future challenges by themselves. 


Lear Allover will prepare you successfully for life and fill the gap between what you learn in school and what you will need for life.

Another advantage of academic coaching


Academic coaching does not always depend on a certain situation or subject. Therefore, everyone can work on their study habits on their own, independent of location or time. I want to make it as easy as possible for students and created short videos that can be worked with whenever it is convenient.


The biggest advantage of online courses is that you can work with the content at any time and place you choose. Work at the pace you are most comfortable with! These online courses present techniques that are based on concrete brain-science and will explain how to apply them in order to be most effective. If you want to know more about academic online courses, check out my website with resources for schools, parents and students. 


So why don‘t I offer tutoring?


I want everyone to make themselves their biggest asset. This is why Learn Allover is more practical than individual tutoring sessions. And this is why I don‘t like to offer tutoring 🙂


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