The 80-20 rule (aka Pareto’s principle) ✅

Today we will take a look at the infamous Pareto’s principle.

How to recognize the Pareto’s principle

Do you study 80% of the time and feel like you get 20% results⁉️


Then PARETO‘s principle (aka 80/20 rule) will be useful to you!😊


Know that…

80% of your effort will give you 20% of results

20% of your effort will give you 80% of results


The Pareto’s principle applies to school and business❗️


So the goal is to spend less time studying! 🤓👍

Find those critical 20% that will give you the best outcome. 

I’m not saying just use 20% but make sure you are using those CRITICAL 20%!


☝️To get the best out of your study time, find out…


  • Where do you study best? (Dorm room, library, bedroom,…)
  • What time of the day do you tend to study best? (Morning, night,…)
  • Is there background music? (Important: When you study with music, retrieve with music as well!)
  • What is your preferred layout? (Coffee, snacks,…. But don’t ruin your flow by taking too many breaks!)


☝️Common elements that most students have in their 20%:


✅ no distraction

✔️phone off

✔️no social media 

✔️one task at a time


✅ no more than 1.5h of consecutive engagement


✅ set a time-frame & be true with yourself 

✔️Don’t stop early

✔️Don’t finish late


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If you are a parent or student looking for more tips, keep reading below!

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