Truth be told…. 😇

I was not a big book nerd when I was in school. Especially when I was getting older, I noticed how I was still able to do certain literature assignments in class without having read the materials to the course. The truth is I lacked motivation and learned to get by without putting in much effort. 

I did the bare minimum. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Only at university, I noticed how with higher motivation, I actually WANTED to read all those books and put effort into what I handed in. 💪🤓


Why am I telling you the truth ?


 I want you to understand…


… that with increased motivation your classes become more fun. 

And that has nothing to do with your teachers.


The key is… 🗝


to set a goal for yourself that is very appealing to you. INTRINSIC motivation is much more POWERFUL than extrinsic motivation. 💪😊


So that means, even if you might want to blame your teacher who doesn‘t get you excited or your parents who are too strict, think about what goal YOU can set yourself, some positive outcome of a situation, to get you going. ✅


Motivation should mean fun or enjoyment that you might get out of setting a personal challenge for yourself or accomplishing a goal, like a good GRADE or other personal VALUES, like:


  • IF I pass this class, THEN I can enjoy a worry-free summer vacation!


  • IF I study hard for my final exam, THEN I’ll have a better chance to get into the school of my choice!


  • IF I finish reading this book, THEN I‘ll gain more knowledge on this topic so I can discuss with my teacher!


What should you do now❓


1️⃣ Come up with specific VALUE you can get out of a challenge. 


2️⃣ Write down your “IF…THEN“ statement


3️⃣ Collect the STEPS that you‘ll need to take to reach your goal


Let me know your IF-THEN statements! 😊



Hope that helped! 😊 These and other academic study tricks you will find in my easy-to-access online courses for schools and students!  


If you are a parent or student looking for more tips, keep reading below!

Alexandra Allover


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