Morning vs. Night person

You might wonder…

…why you sometimes get more or less work done at a certain time of the day 🤔


That depends on: 


✅ your stress level

✅ the topic you‘re working on

✅ the time of the day

✅ your biological clock


The truth is… 

you‘re not going to be productive all the time. You have limited resources. 🤫


The key is to manage your time and energy resources so you can be productive when you actually do get to work/study.


My tips for getting most out of your productive time are:


✅ Don‘t plan more than 60% of your daily time. Leave 40% buffer time because things can be unpredictable.


✅ Taking short breaks is important. However, if you‘re in the flow, keep working. Use your momentum because it might not come back.


✅ When you set your to-do list, make your tasks sound positive. 

(E.g. instead of “I don‘t want to get distracted by my phone today!“ 👎💩, rather use:

“I will keep focus while studying and put my phone on flight mode“👍🤓)


✅In order to keep track of your tasks, use a schedule/daily planner 

(for your day, week, month, semester, year)


Let me know if you’re more of a morning or a night person!

Which tips help you be most productive?


See you next time!




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